Tripping on Magic Plants While Stuck On a Chair
By Eric Villalobos & Rogelio Pineda

Folded: 4” x 5.25” Unfolded: 5.25” x 16” 2nd Series | 150 pcs
Hand-numbered and signed

Printed March 7, 2020 in 1418 Fulton St. Fresno, California by Laguna Collective on a Risograph RZ390 using Black, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red, and Orange on 65lb White Smooth Cover Stock paper.

This risograph printed zine was inspired by an internal mind altering journey. While under the effects of magic plants, we subconsciously found a direction and put together a wimmelbilder style zine. What you see are two balancing sides, a ying and a yang. Both are a combination of pop art and illustrations that represent a childhood phase with under water creatures that roam the mind.
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