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Color in Between
the Lines

By Eric Villalobos


5.5” x 8.5”
24 pages
October 10, 2019
Series 1 | 75 pcs
Hand-numbered and signed

Cover: 110pt Bright Sun Red Cover
Pages: 70pt Bright White Text pages

Printed in 1418 Fulton St. Fresno, California by Laguna Collective on Risograph RZ390


"Color in Between the Lines” is printed in two colors on a Risograph. Inspired by my Glaucoma treatment. This zine begins the moment I started to see floating dots. After my first surgery my eyes remain shut for several days. While my eyes were closed, I kept seeing a series of floating dots, that will come and go. The bright dots would eventually disappear much like my enthusiasm to create and make.

I set out to document and publish what I saw in those movements via this zine. I hope to inspire and set awareness to one’s vision. This is to be used solely as an inspirational guide.

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